Apps like Terrarium TV – Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

Streaming has been one of the favorite pastimes for most of us. Videos are a major part of one’s entertainment. We have hundreds of thousands of movie apps for Android like Showbox and Terrarium TV. Choosing the right one for your needs can be a daunting task. Are you looking for apps like terrarium TV? We have listed out the top picks for the Terrarium TV alternative apps in the following paragraphs.

Apps Like Terrarium TV – Which one should you choose?

Before embarking on looking for the alternatives to Terrarium TV, let us get to know what is Terrarium TV. As you might have already understood, Terrarium TV is a popular TV show and movie streaming service that lets you stream and download movies and TV shows. One of the best aspects that have made it popular is it is free to use service with no subscription charges at. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite shows in HD quality at up to 1080p.

Apps like Terrarium TV

You can download Terrarium TV and enjoy your movies and TV shows with ease. However, if you have any issues with Terrarium TV and looking for alternative free movies download apps for Android and other platforms, we have compiled this list of our top picks for your needs.


This app probably does not need an introduction. Showbox has been one of the immensely well-known movies download apps for Android


Showbox does offer you a free movie viewing experience, just like TVTAP. In fact, it would suit you whether you are looking for online streaming or offline entertainment. Full HD support is yet another feature that would make it comparable to Terrarium TV. The Showbox app supports Chromecast and thus can be your best bet for watching TV shows and movies if you have Chromecast.

Please note that Showbox app for Android is now available on Google Play Store and you may need to look for the APK file to install it on your device. It is, by any means, a good addition to the apps like terrarium TV.

Popcorn Time

Your search for free movie apps for Android should end with Popcorn Time. In fact, the service also has app for iOS.

Popcorn Time

It can be a perfect Terrarium TV alternative if you are on multiple platforms. The app is available on laptops and mobile devices alike. It downloads the show onto your PC or smartphone and lets you watch it at your leisure. However, the download will not stay on your device permanently. If you do not watch it within the stipulated time frame, it does get deleted.

One of the best factors that would make it a good choice would be the fact that it is regularly updated. The movie library keeps adding new titles on a frequent basis.


This forms part of our top picks for the apps like Terrarium TV because of its simple interface and straightforward functionality. It works in line with some of the top end offerings in the other apps like Showbox.


You can create a watch list of your favorite TV shows and movies and decide to watch them later. The service does boast of over 20 million users globally. Such a huge user base in itself should offer you a proof of the capabilities of one of the best Terrarium TV alternatives.

Cartoon HD

It has been rightly considered to be one of the first movie streaming applications for smartphones. It has been a great movie streaming app since its launch and continues to enjoy the fame even today.

Cartoon HD

As the name itself should indicate, Cartoon HD packs in a host of animation shows in its database. It is one of the able alternatives to Terrarium TV with its extensive database of TV shows and movies. The movie library is constantly updated. This will ensure that you have almost all the latest movies and TV shows at your disposal.

You can use the Cartoon HD app either for streaming your favorite shows or downloading them onto your device for watching them later. You can sign up for the service by creating an account with them, but it is not mandatory to create an account.

Cinema Box HD

Cinema Box HD is a movie streaming app that has been available on iOS and Android platforms. As the name itself should indicate, it offers you free movies and TV shows in HD quality.

Cinema Box HD

One of the best alternatives to Terrarium TV app, the Cinema Box HD offers you support for Google Chromecast and can be definitely considered to be one of the best among the apps like Terrarium TV. The database consists of movies, TV shows, animations, and cartoons – thereby making it a good choice for almost all genres of viewers.

As with most of the movie streaming apps, you will not be able to find it on Google Play Store. Grab an APK file from the reliable sources and install it on your device to enjoy the ultimate movie experience on your Android and iOS devices.

The Concluding Thoughts

That concludes our top picks for the best Terrarium TV alternatives. In fact, Terrarium TV should be your ultimate choice for any sort of TV and movie shows on a smartphone. Even then, if you have any issues that force you to look for apps like Terrarium TV, we assume our list has served your purpose to a greater extent. However, we would hasten to add that the list is not exhaustive. There are several other great apps that vie to be in the run for the best alternatives to Terrarium TV. The apps featured above form part of a selective list from among those available over the web.

If you have used any of the Terrarium alternatives among the ones featured here, do share your views and opinions with us. If you are aware of any other apps that are equally capable, yet omitted from this list, we would welcome you ket us know through the comments here below.

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