How To Move Apps to SD Card ?

The Android smartphone applications are found to be consuming a lot of space in those devices. The phones with high data storage spaces are not much affected because of this. However, the case is something different for the budget smartphones where storage space is a major concern for the users. People using such phones normally adds an additional SD card to the phones so that they can move the maximum possible data from the internal storage to those memory cards.

The media files like images, videos, music files etc. can be directly moved from phone storage to the SD card. But the applications that are installed in the internal storage of the phones cannot be moved this way. Here we will explain you in detail about the process to move apps to SD card from the phone storage.

Move Apps To SD Card Manually

The process starts with the selection of the “Settings” option in your Android smartphone. There you can see the “Apps” menu where all the installed applications will be listed. Open this menu and select any one of the apps that you feel to be consuming so much space from your phone storage. Once the particular app is opened in this menu, you can see a “Storage” option available in it. Below this option, a short description will be available that displays where the apps lie and how much space it is consuming. If it is showing the storage space as “Internal Storage”, then it means the application lies in your phone’s storage only. In that case, you should move it to the SD Card so that space can be saved.

`Now open the “Storage” option and check if there is any “Change” button available there. If it is available, then it means you can move the app to SD Card by clicking on that button. This will take you to the next step where you will be asked to select your SD Card. This selection will take the process forward and you can see the “Move” option. Select this option and the app will be moved to the SD Card in the next few seconds. This is the simple process to move apps to SD Card from the phone’s internal storage.

The Short Way: Move Apps to SD Card in one click

The apps like lucky patcher can do the job with one click. You can easily understand how to use lucky patcher once you have the app in your device.

There are certain apps that can stay only on your phone storage. In the case of such applications, the “Change My Software” option will not be available at the “Storage” menu. Rooting your phone will provide options to move such apps also to the SD Card. There are also some applications that claim to support for this moving of apps. But as this is not a genuine way to deal with your smartphones, it is good to stay away from such things.

Updated: May 17, 2019 — 8:13 am

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